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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gracie is Home & Recovering!! Baby is back in my lap, curled up in her pink Blanket. Im sooooo HAPPY! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heartbroken, sad, relieved, disappointed...and wanting to Self-Medicate with FOOD...

Im not even sure how I can be feeling SOOO many feelings-all at once, but I am.

I just watched my "Heart" (Blake) get on a plane to CA. I have been trying sooo fuckin hard all day to stay look at the POSITIVE points of him leaving, but when it came right down to the Moment-I CANT hold myself together....

I know I should be on the phone calling one of my BLENDS buddies, but honestly-I dont think I could really hold ANY kind of conversation right now. I'M.....JUST.....EMPTY.....

Its EASY to say (and ACT) like Im happy that he is outta my house/that I wont hafta deal with the stress hes been puttin me thru, and that I finally will have "Dana-Time" but damnnnnnnnn...Blake has been my ENTIRE LIFE ever since the day I found out I was pregnant almost 17 years ago. ....I feel like I have failed. I was always raised to belive that kids should be with their Moms-NO MATTER WHAT. Now...I dont even have my own son with me. WTF????!!

Sorry..I know this is kinda like a "broken record" for most of you-yall were right by my side the First time Blake decided he didnt want to live with me back in Feb., and have stuck thru this shit with me on & off ever since. THANK YOU....and Im sorry Im layin all this crap on yall again. I just dont know what else to do..........

This just plain fuckin sucks...............and Im soooooo tryin to fight the urge to eat everything in sight....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Big Trip...Part 2...

Sept 5th: I flew into Richmond VA , then drove to Maryland to stay with my awesome BFL Friends Kathy & Scott. What a beautiful drive! I couldnt believ how green everything was and the FORESTS are EVERYWHERE!! OMG-TREES!! We dont have very many trees in Phoenix and YES...I get excited by the lil' things (as you can tell!)

Being the dork that I am, on the drive..I got SOOOOO excited by seeing the Pentagon & the Washington Monument that I almost crashed the rental car!! I have never been very good w/Geography so I had NO IDEA I was going to drive thru DC, until I came around a corner and BAMMMM!! There it was!! I called my brother-talkin 100 mph..tellin him how beautiful it was. (Yeah...he thought I was crazy too)

When I got to Kathy & Scotts, they showed me around their GORGEOUS house. (It looks like something straight out of a Interior Decroating Magazine!) and we stayed up till after midnite just talkin & catchin up. Good times!

The next morning-up bright & early (especially considering the time change), did 30+ minutes on the Dreadmill, then off to Baltimore with Kathy as my Tour Guide.

Baltimore: We hung out at the Baltimore Harbor, did a lil souvernoir shopping, took the Ferry ride across the Harbor and just really enjoyed having "GIRL TIME". We found a cute lil restaraunt right on the water and I had my first taste of Maryland Crab soup and Cream of Crab Soup-OMG....DELICIOUS!! Driving back-we went right past CAMDEN YARD. Its a ballpark I have ALWAYS wanted to go to. (Well...ever since I was dating Geronimo and he got traded to the Orioles!) I would love to go back and watch a game there someday.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Later that afternoon, Kathy drove me out to Pennsylvania I could SEE THE AMISH!! Wow-what a trip!! Like I said in my earlier post-we dont have Amish folks out here in my neck of the woods. It completely FASCINATED me!! I was all excited-I know Kathy was really thinkin I was crazy at this point! It just blows my mind that people still LIVE and function like that in 2006. Its AMAZING. I was lucky enough to get ONE pic of a horse & Buggy (I think thats what they call um). It was ON THE HIGHWAY!!
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Dang...I never thought I would say this-but Ive lead a sheltered life growing up in the fast pace of CALI!! The things I have never seen before!!

We ended the day with a DELECTABLE CRAB FEAST of steamed Maryland Crabs. Double OMG!! I have NEVER tasted crab like that EVERRRRRR! We just covered the entire table in newspaper, busted up crabs and ate until we were stuffed. It was sooo frickin delicious. Just all the crab you could ever want and some iced tea-MMmmm-MMMMMM!! Oh yeah...and to make it even BETTER-a good friend of Kathy & Scotts (Jim) joined us for dinner. Hes pretty dang HOT!!! He was really sweet, we all had alot of fun, stayed up till after midnite talkin. Doesnt get much better than that!
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Disneyland Pics....FINALLY!!

Since I couldnt get them to load with my blog entry....I gotta put um separate....

Me N Lightening Mcqueen..this pic for my Nephew TYLER!!

Cap'n Jack Me having dinner at ESPN Zone....this place is toooo cool! when I FLEXED..he REFUSED to take a pic with me!! (I think my GUNS were bigger than his-hehehe!)

WTH??!! Where do my pics keep disappearing to??

I have uploaded my pics from Disneyland and some other pics from my trip at LEAST 9 TIMES takes forever...I ghet the "done" window..then POOF!! They never show up. WTH?!

Im so frustrated with Blogger right now...hell I have been for like 5 days now. Ive tried using Photobucket, etc but the same thing is happening. Any suggestions?? (BTW..right before I had this problem, the Tony Stewart pics loaded with NO problems at all.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

September 1st-DISNEYLAND!!

The 2nd day of my L.A. Trip. I spent about 14+ hours at Disneyland and Disney California. I had a BLAST!! At 1st I felt a lil funny about going there by myself, but OMG!! I had soooo much fun!! No waitin for anyone, just running from ride-to-ride, getting to fly thru the lines on the major/big rides by going thru the "singles" line and overall actin like a kid all day and all night. It was actually VERY empowering for me. I am PROUD of myself that I can go places by myself and have a good time. Sometimes I think/feel like Im re-living my Childhood...which is kinda weird 'cuz I had a good childhood for the most part. Oh well...its FUN!!

Ive always loved "Its a Small World", and going thru there brought back so many memories of when I was a little girl and HAPPY as could be, going to Disneyland for the 1st time. It was my lil fantasty-place...filled with everything "girlie" that I could imagine-pink EVERYWHERE and singing & dancing dolls. I still LOVE it! Cant help but feel happy when I hear that song. (I know it can be a lil annoying too though!)

Pirates of the Carribeann was AWESOME!! Its even better now that they have added HOTTT Cap'n JACK SPARROW into it in THREE different scenes! The likeness to The real Capn Jack is CRAZY-REAL!! Yummmm! The lil Hottie that walks around Disneyland playin Cap'n Jack is pretty hot too. He definately has the mannerisms, walk and talk down to a tee. I sooo wanted to take a pic with him, but once again-I was told "you can take pics OF him, but not WITH him!" Damnnnnn....Im startin to get a COMPLEX!! No one will let me take pics with them!! hehehe
Oh yeah..and I bought a Cap'n Jack WIG!! It was funny-when I tried it on a few people in the store thought it was my REAL hair!! (It looks really cute on me--but even better on Blake!!) And...Of course I had to be "ghetto" and take pics of me w/the Mickey ears on in the store--'cuz Im too cheap to buy a pair.

I went to Downtown Disney for dinner-to the ESPN Zone. What a cool-ass place!! I ate my dinner while sitting in a huge leather recliner right in front of a movie-theater sized TV that was playin the Baseball game ..and it was surrounded by 12 different smaller TV' of which was playin a NASCAR race, so ya know I was LOVIN it!!

Went back to Disneyland until I got "kicked out" sometime after midnight. What a fun and empowering day!!
August 31st...Tony Stewart Meet-N-Greet....

Ok..Im FINALLY gettin around to my trip recaps!

I was SOOOOO Lookin forward to finally gettin to meet HOTTIE Tony Stewart, but I gotta was kinda disappointing. Im not into gettin autographs...never have been-they dont do anything for me, but I do LOVE to take pics with people and thats all I really wanted.

After waitin about 45 minutes to meet him, his PR people SUCK. They wouldnt let ANYONE take pics WITH him....just OF him. I got to talk to him for a few minutes..I absolutely LOVE his smart-ass sense of humor and he joked around with me. Hes adorable in person....

I was blessed with meeting a family from Washington State that was in line right behind me. The Tony Stewart Foundation had flown the family into L.A. for their sons Make-a-wish Wish to come true. They were an amazing family. The lil boy Conner was adorable. He had his haircut "special" to meet Tony...with a big #20 in the back. His lil brother Cayden was my new best friend when he found out I was an Elliott Sadler Fan! I promised to send the boys pics from Elliotts BBQ. I really do feel honored to have met them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm Back!! Day-by-Day Recaps to Follow...

I have SOOOOO much to write about/journal so Im thinkin Ill do a day-by-day "journal" so I can actually remember how FABULOUS my last week & 1/2 have been!! I have taken alot of vacations, but this one BY FAR blows everything else outta the water! (I hate to admit this...but even the BFL Cruise cant touch it-and thats saying ALOT!!)

I know..yall think its cuz I got to spend a whole day/evening at the one and only ELLIOTT's house/ranch...but thats not it. This trip was so DIVERSE. I hit one end of the culture spectrum to the other, all in just a few days time.

Quick summary:
Thursday August 31st-Drove to L.A. Got to meet TONY STEWART (hes HOTT) & met a fabulous family that was there on their sons "Make a wish" Wish trip.
Friday Sept. 1st-Spent the whole day (14+ hours) at Disneyland, just hanging out by myself, taking pics, running from ride-to-ride and having a BLAST!!
Saturday Sept 2nd-Some sightseeing in the LA Area, then headed home
Tuesday Sept 5th-Flew into Richmond VA, drove up to Maryland to stay with Kathy & Scott (my great friends I met on the BFL Cruise!). We sat up until Midnite talkin/catchin up & laughing.
Wednesday Sept 6th-Kathy took me into Baltimore. We spent the morning/early afternoon at Baltimore Harbor, (lots to write about later), then ...she took me into Pennsylvania & I SEEN AMISH PEOPLE!! (Ok..Im from Cali-we dont have Amish in our "neck of the woods".) Topped the night off with a CRAB FEAST of steamed Maryland Crabs, and met a HOTTIE (a good friend of Kathy & Scotts) to boot! Dont git much better than that!
Thursday Sept 7th-Shirley flew in to meet up with me and then it was time for Elliotts BBQ!! I need LOTS of time to write about this!! Lets just say-UNBELIEVABLE!! (And NOOOOOOOO I didnt git any "hook-up" ---I know that what yall are wondering!!)
Friday Sept 8th-14 hours at the Track, Baby!! Unforgettable day at the races. Pit passes, TV Tapings, hot boys all around!
Saturday Sept 9th-RACE DAY!!!
Sunday Sept. 10th-Drove into Washington DC, went to/seen the White House, Washington Monument, Pentagon, Quantico FBI Academy (Shirleys Dad graduated from there-too cool), and spent a couple hours at Arlington Cemetary. Arlington was such an emotional experience to me-I will NEVER Forget the feeling that came over me while witnessing the Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. God Bless our Troops!! The impact of the whole DC Experience was intensified by it being the day before 9-11.... my "quick review" wasnt very quick! can probably only imagine how much I really have to write about!! Oh yeah..then theres the 383 Pictures I took! By the way Dede...only about 297 of them are of Elliott!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!