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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is for my Girl Dede!!!

Happy Birthday Jr!!

Welcome To The Neighborhood...Now Pack Your Sh*t Up & Move The F*ck OUT!!!!

In case ya cant tell-I have new Neighbors in the Apt right below me. And YESSSSSS, they are the reason that Im sittin here at THREE-FRICKIN-TWENTY IN THE MORNING posting on my blog and not drifting off into Dreamsville. THE BASTARDS!! Dont they know I NEED my beauty sleep..Shhhheeeez-louise!!

They moved in IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT 9 nights ago. Now tell me who in the hell moves at 1:30 AM?? Moving OUT-yeah maybeeeee...if youre tryin to make a slick fast get-away (like my old neighbors did so they didnt hafta pay for the damages they did-to that EXACT same apt!)

Anyways..back to my LOVELY new neighbors--the 2nd night they lived here, I was woke up by a HUGE BRAWL goin on in their Apt. Girls..guys....doors being kicked in, bodies slammin into walls--the Works, all at 3:15 in the frickin morning. It got CRAZY!! Im serious I thought I was gunna hear a gun go off at any moment! By the time I called the Cops-dispatch said they were already arriving on scene. More craziness... cops, paramedics, blah-blah-blah...
Bottom line-the dumb bitches that live there keep goin back to their abusive men....

Well about an hour ago..."IT" happened.........I was woke up by SIX GUNSHOTS!!!! All in the Apt right below my BED!!
Yep....courtesy of my f*cked up new neighbors.

Im sittin here tryin to compose myself-but I cant stop shaking. Im not even sure WHAT happened yet--the Police are outside, but Im too scared to go out there & be nosey, even though I SOOOO badly want to. I snuck out for about 30 seconds & whispered to my "Good" neighbor (she snuck out too) but she didnt know what was goin on either(she just made the "hand-signal/getsure" of a gun, & pointed to the apt right below mine. All we could see from the balconey area was the flashing lights & hear lots of crying. Stupid ass Bitches. I did catch one chick saying "I dunno...I just invited 2 of my friends over...."
Ummm HELLLLOOOOOOOOO?? Stuuuuupid biiiiiiiiitch..are you listening??? GET NEW FRIENDS YOU DUMBASS!!! And dont bring your loser-women-beating-cant-handle-their-alcohol-gun-shooting-punk-ass-friends into MY Nieghborhood!!!

Ok....sorry yall for the RANT, but Im freaked out right now!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lets see if this will work-my pix disappeared on my last post!

My CRUSH smiling at me!! (Isnt he HOTT?!)

Signing autographs

Me and Mrs Sadler

Dale Jarrett!!


The car he used to drive-(CANDYMAN!!)

Even though this was almost a Month ago...

Ya didnt think I could REALLY go without puttin up some pics & an entry from Elliotts BBQ did ya??!

We had the BEST time-I still cant believe that Elliott, Hermie (his brother who is also a NASCAR driver) & his parents opened their Ranch and homes to us. It was soooo cozy-more like a family reunion than anything else. Unbelievable! Im not sure how many acres they have-but its absolutely gorgeous property. Elliott has a beautiful new house on one side, his Parents' house is towards the front of the property and Hermie has a home on the other side. They decorated the barn, set up a lil stage and had 2 huge BBQ's fired up cooking Bologna Burgers!

Blake Shelton showed up (him & Elliott are really good friends) and he played an hour & 1/2 concert-just him, his guitar & his bass player. It was amazing! NASCAR LEGEND Dale Jarrett showed up surprise everyone. I got to talk to him & take a pic with him--I was totally stoked! I only got to talk to my Crush Elliott for a few minutes, but we all hung out watchin the concert..and ya know I couldnt keep my eyes off of him. Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!

Lets see.. what else-he has 29 Hunting dogs right now, we got to check them all out, and bein the dog-lover that I know I really enjoyed it. Oh yeah...yall know I had to "suck up" to Mrs Sadler right??! Shes really sweet..I had to thank her for sucha amazing time. She couldnt believ we traveled all the way from CA & AZ--and she invited us back to take a tour of the town. (itll only take about 10 min according to her!) hehe We played with Hermies daughters, and the new puppies, talked to Elliotts sister for a while. Everyone was really nice (except for Hermies wife) But oh well.....
Im sure Im forgettin somethin....

Heres a few pics: