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Monday, November 27, 2006

OK..I FINALLY write a new entry..and Blogger wasnt working!!!

Yup.....I was tryin to catch up on here right before Thanksgiving-wrote a whole loota stuff, added pics..then BAM!! Get a notice that Blogger is down & NOTHING can be saved! UGGHH!!!

Oh well........Basically it was all about the NASCAR Weekend here in Phoenix hanging out w/Dede & her Hubby Jim--we had SUCHA BLAST!!

Friday we spent almost the entire 14 hours that we were at the track down in the Pits! Got to meet a few drivers-seen my crush Elliott (and Yes-he DID wave to me -in case you were wonderin!) Got to see his Brother Hermie down there too and he immediatly recognized me & said Hi. (That whole situation is pretty funny--too bad I cant get that kind of attention from ELLIOTT!) I watched the race from the Pits-and even got to go into VICTORY LANE for the after-race Celebration!

Saturday started off with us hanging out w/Cap'n MORGAN a lil tooooo early in the day!! Nuthin like a rum & coke at 8am huh?! hahaha The ol' Capn led to a lil flirtin on my part-and an invitation into the Pit Box with some cute guy from the #42 team. NOOOOO....I didnt take him up on it--(I have a BF that I really care about.) #42-guy asked me out for Sat night too-which I also didnt accept-and good thing....Mr.#42 Guy is MARRIED!! Yup-hes a lyin, cheatin, man-hoe. Figures.

Oh well..theres ALOT more that happened that weekend-but overall it was just me hanging out w/Dede & Jim and laughing more than I have in YEARS!! I had soo much fun, we met soo many people & just enjoyed the hot weather & friendship.

The sad part-I got so spoiled hanging out w/them for 3.5 whole days-as soon as they left...depression started kickin my ass-It was so nice to actually have FRIENDS to do stuff with. Dont think I realized how LONELY it is here in AZ....
Oh well...Until next time!


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