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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why Am I SOOOOO Mean??!

Im not sure whats goin on with me...but I am mean as hell lately! I used to think my PMS was bad...but this makes my PMS mood swings look like childs play. Should I even get started on how I can NOT remember ANYTHING the last few days?? Im forgettin passwords, directions, have even gone to the store & wandered around aimlessly becuz I cant remember for the life of me what I was supposed to buy. WTH? Someone said its the whole low carb thing, but I think it might be becuz I didnt eat enough yesterday & I havent been sleepin well either. Its takin its toll on me and unfortunately on everyone around me too. (Im SORRY!)

OK so....I was already completely on edge this afternoon, then my stupid ass dog Rodeo ate my WHOLE PLATE of Asparagus!! I just broke down & started CRYING when I saw the empty plate--WTH?! I dont care what you do...but Ill be damned if ya steal my food and get away with it..... (Yessss....shes still in "doggie-jail" as I type!)

My workouts are going FANTASTIC!! Im sooooo loving my training & eating so SQUEAKY clean...but lemme tell ya-this aint no joke. I have NEVER EVER worked out this hard in my life. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE iT!

Hopefully Ill get used to walkin funny soon too...this DOMS is KILLER!!
I'm Back!!

Wow...its been FOREVER since Ive blogged but nows the time to get back in the groove!

So much has happened in the last few months..., Im back in CALI, tryin to re-adjust to bein back in my old hometown & have completely focused on rediscovering ME!! Im also SINGLE once again..(which isnt a bad thing, but I gotta figure out what Im gunna do about a Roomie for the Cruise now)

Ive made some MAJOR changes in my program & training and Im finally taking my body, mind and life to a whole new level. Why oh WHY did I wait so long?? My new program totally kicks @ss & Im seeing & feeling results faster than ever before!

On the Homefront: Blake is BACK IN SCHOOL!! Im so dang proud of him.

Vince is recovering AMAZINGLY & was released from the hospital last week...hes even WALKING!! Its a true miracle considering he still has THREE bullets left in his body...

Its been a rough 2 months but, I ALWAYS remind myself that even As bad as things seemed when I lost my job & apt. in AZ....things ALWAYS HAPPEN FOR A REASON.

Im exactly where Im supposed to be and I thank God above for his Guidance.