Are You Eatin, Sleepin, Dreamin with that One Thing On Your Mind??

"Success is my only mutha F**kin Option...Failures NOT!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"The combination of my 1st Cheat meal and an awesome 1st date are EXTREMELY POWERFUL in raising my mood and spirits!!"

(Since Katie said "do tell more" after reading this on my list last post....I guess I will! :)

March 3rd was a day unlike any other!! (hehe) It started off pretty much same-o, same-o....but instantly changed the minute I spoke to my Trainer. He actually OFFERED ME my 1st CHEAT MEAL!!! woooooooooo-hoooooo!!

I almost couldnt believe what I was hearing! I had been up all nite dreaming about a big juicy STEAK, a baked potato & hot fresh buttered bread....and OMG-thats EXACTLY what he SUGGESTED I have!! (Double OMG!!) (the power of THE SECRET worked once again!!) I literally started running around the house, skipping like a lil kid & singing "I get a steak tonighttttttttttttt...I get a steak tonightttttttttttt!" Yeah my family REALLY thought I had lost it by this point.

So....even more unbelievable then me being "given" a cheat meal--I had the BEST first date EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! We went to the Buckhorn in Winters and the steak just melted in my mouth. It.....was....AMAZING!! I was so proud of myself-all I had was 1/2 of my steak (bout 6 oz), 3 green beans, 1/2 bowl of cream of mushroom soup & ONE BITE of Chris' cheesecake. No potato...and I was completely satisfied! Whodda thought it was possible?! hehe

Ok..enough about my food (can you tell Im just a "lil bit" food obsessed lately?)

The date went absolutely PERFECT! We have soooo many things in common that its almost kinda "Twilight Zone-ish".

And that first date has CONTINUED for the last 10 days.........!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Things Ive Learned This Week.........
(Actually LAST week...but Im just now catchin up!)

This week has been a complete learning experience. Good and bad, but at least KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Heres a few:
1. When Im stickin to a SQUEAKY CLEAN diet of 1300 calories a day, I can NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES miss a meal, snack or mis-time my food!!

2. When I do blow it and dont eat enough Im am COMPLETELY PSYCHOTIC!!

3. I can laugh and cry at the exact same time..for no REAL reason.

4. When I stick to something long enough (my new program) my family actually becomes SUPPORTIVE of my efforts!

5. Im stronger than I ever thought I was.

6. When you change your change EVERYTHING!!!

7. I can be around all my favorite foods and NOT GIVE IN to them!!

8. I REALLY REALLY miss eating BEEF!!

9. Im HAPPY to be back in California.

10. The combination of my 1st Cheat meal and an awesome 1st date are EXTREMELY POWERFUL in raising my mood and spirits!!