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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Even though this was almost a Month ago...

Ya didnt think I could REALLY go without puttin up some pics & an entry from Elliotts BBQ did ya??!

We had the BEST time-I still cant believe that Elliott, Hermie (his brother who is also a NASCAR driver) & his parents opened their Ranch and homes to us. It was soooo cozy-more like a family reunion than anything else. Unbelievable! Im not sure how many acres they have-but its absolutely gorgeous property. Elliott has a beautiful new house on one side, his Parents' house is towards the front of the property and Hermie has a home on the other side. They decorated the barn, set up a lil stage and had 2 huge BBQ's fired up cooking Bologna Burgers!

Blake Shelton showed up (him & Elliott are really good friends) and he played an hour & 1/2 concert-just him, his guitar & his bass player. It was amazing! NASCAR LEGEND Dale Jarrett showed up surprise everyone. I got to talk to him & take a pic with him--I was totally stoked! I only got to talk to my Crush Elliott for a few minutes, but we all hung out watchin the concert..and ya know I couldnt keep my eyes off of him. Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!

Lets see.. what else-he has 29 Hunting dogs right now, we got to check them all out, and bein the dog-lover that I know I really enjoyed it. Oh yeah...yall know I had to "suck up" to Mrs Sadler right??! Shes really sweet..I had to thank her for sucha amazing time. She couldnt believ we traveled all the way from CA & AZ--and she invited us back to take a tour of the town. (itll only take about 10 min according to her!) hehe We played with Hermies daughters, and the new puppies, talked to Elliotts sister for a while. Everyone was really nice (except for Hermies wife) But oh well.....
Im sure Im forgettin somethin....

Heres a few pics:


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