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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Week In Review...

I'm pretty happy with my week overall. Started out a lil shaky, but THANK YOU Dede for getting me focused & back on track from Wednesday morning on. Also gotta thank LisaMichele for the calls, support & ass kickin on Saturday.100% clean eating since Wed (except yesterday-Freeday)& today I even got back on the treadmill to run. Looking back-I probably SHOULDNT have with all the problems I have been having with my knee. I'm definately payin for it now...and Ill be stickin to the Elliptical or bike for HIIT this week. Im ready for another "perfect day" tomarrow!!

A rollercoaster of a week. My lease is up on the 31st of this month. I planned on renewing it for 6 months, but due to the "punk-ass Neighbors" right below me...I spent 2 days out lookin at apts. I really love my neighborhood, its clean, quiet & one of the best areas in all of the Valley and how in the hell they were approved to live here is beyond me. These young wanna-be dope dealers/pimps were BREEDING Pit Bulls in the apt. Can U imagine having 5 adults, 3 kids, 2-90lb pit bulls & 6 puppies in a 2 bedroom apt?! I absolutley have zero-tolerance for punks like them. I spent 10 years dealin with low-lifes like that when I worked in the jail & thats the last thing I wanna deal with at my home.
Anyways-the good news....they got a 10 day moveout notice & it looks like theyre gone! WooHooo...hopefully Ill have my safe quiet lil corner of the earth back real soon! (And no moving until I leave AZ!) Yeahhh!

My bestest friend Kiara came thru last night-it was so good to see her and finally meet my lil 4-legged "niece" Minnie! Thats my girl-shes been my Sister ever since I lost Jen & I love her to death-Miss you Ki!

For those of you that dont know-Im on a "sabbatical" from Men and dating. So of course..I was asked out TWICE this week! Why does it always happen like that?! Oh well...I stayed strong, arent yall proud of me? Im fine with the whole "no dates/men thing" on the most part, but damnnnnnn-sometimes celibacy is a BITCH!!

Talk about excitement!! No, not me when I see Elliott-even though I DO get VERY excited! LOL
Im talkin about the race. Well....exciting until the stupid thing went into overtime and my Man ran outta gas with less than 2 laps left. UGGGHHH!!!! close to a top 5 finish, then ended up in 24th. I think I need to catch the red-eye to NC and go comfort him!


  • At 7:01 AM, Blogger Kana said…

    You are so cute Dana! GREAT job on staying strong...but be good to your knee..o.k?

    Wow...whenever we talk, it's always about something else. I had no idea you had some unruley neighbors! Good thing they will be long soon!! You are going to stay put in PHX, aren't you??

    Have a super Monday...a BFL Perfect Monday! Hugs...Dee

  • At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, thank goodness the neighbors will be gone soon! That would be an awful thing to have to live right next door to! I will keep my fingers crossed that they are gone in a flash!
    Stay strong!
    LisaMichele...oh, and no more deleting comments from my blog! ;o)


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